Design Work Sheet

This new design worksheet is based on the underlying conceptual model of online role play simulation as delivered by Fablusi. It can also be used as a blue-print for designing role play simulation delivered via other technology. Download it here today.

Customize Fablusi Look and Feel

Fablusi look and feel is controlled by a set of style sheets. Authors and super-moderator can select any style sheet to apply to their worlds. This flexibility comes with a cost. Although the concept is quite simple, the style sheets used within Fablusi are quite complicated. The full specification of the styles to be supported by style sheets is available here.

Fablusi P/L provides several standard style sheets. This short tutorial will explain how you can customise the look and feel basing on one of the available Fablusi style sheet. Coming soon

Online Free Resources

This is a collection of academic papers on using role play simulation in teaching and learning. also has a large selection of research papers on role-play simulation games.

Random Walk in E-learning often discusses issues on role play simulation, plus a lot of other e-learning issues.

There is a discussion group at Yahoo Groups, which is not limited to the use of Fablusi software and please feel free to invite your friends and fellow workers to join as well. Click here to join.

Learning Designs from University of Wollongong

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